Quote for the day

A writer is poisoned by thoughts and always cured by words.

~ Sarvesh



Why do you isolate yourself from the whole world ? Just because things aren’t going the way you wanted to. Life is not only meant to have career, get good job, make money and get married. Life is beyond these things. You can’t even imagine it’s depth. Life is about sharing love, joy and sorrow. It’s about cuddling your moods and loving your flaws and wounds. It’s not about staying happy in your space but going beyond your space and exploring unknown places. It’s not about overthinking the past but to keep arms wide open to embrace the present and wait for the future. Why do you cry over a heartbreak? Everyone has their purpose and journey. If they are leaving, let them leave. Never question their reason for leaving. We all are bounded by love but that doesn’t give us the rights to force someone to stay. Our happiness lies within us. It’s how we bounce back and value our existence. Have you noticed people around you ? Have you ever thought how different they are and yet beautiful in their own way? We are so busy that we hardly notice any changes around us. Life is about finding happiness in smallest of the things, admiring and celebrating the differences. It’s about cherishing small moments and laughing till you have tears in your eyes. It’s about going on adventure and exploring remote places, people and their culture. Life is about spending quality time with your friends and family. It’s about taking your loved one on a romantic date and making them realize how special they are. To sum up, the true essence of life lies in living it to the fullest and loving our existence.